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Bonneville Speed Week 2011


The weather was great except for the one night of rain and it seemed to be not as packed as last year.

Jackie had plans (he told us it was his dream actually) of driving his banger all the way up to Bonneville. The car just wasn’t ready this time. The drive from Lefty’s Speed Shop in San Diego to The Backcountry Bootlegger’s shop in Ramona was a good one, well with the exception of Jackie getting lost. The story wasn’t the same when we all were loaded up and headed out to Bonneville. Jackie’s car just couldn’t keep it together well enough to trust it on the 13 hour drive ahead. So we had to park it at Bob’s house in Escondido. As the Nippon Warrior put it – “Next year… REVENGE!”

Everyone made it out and back safely even with the inevitable one flat tire per race team that seems to happen every year. Julio and Dick’s rides were there.

Many thanks to all the Bean Bandit Racing Team and everyone involved because without them this wouldn’t be this much fun and without Joaquin Arnett we wouldn’t be doing it. If you have some time take a look at Jackie’s blog about Joaquin at

Here’s to another year

All of the *good* photos on this post are courtesy of Lance Dawes – Photog, Skateboarder, Bean Bandit, Facilitator, Dad..

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